At Ieng Group, we have always been committed to making a positive contribution to the communities and regions in which we conduct our business. We are a responsible corporate citizen; we deliver the quality products and services to our customers; we try to employ local people and use local materials as much as possible; we support the community development and we care about the environment.

On our direct involvement in the community development, we have initiated and funded a program to promote children education in a remote village called Titangeuy in Raung Damrey commune, Baphnom district, Prey Veng province. This village is about 93km from Capital Phnom Penh; the basic infrastructure in this village was virtually non-existent due to its remote and isolated geographic location. In rainy season, the whole village is surrounded by water for about three months and during which the only means to access to the village for the people there is by boat.

So far we have donated a school building which hosts classrooms for grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 so that the small children who finish grade 3 can continue their study in the same school without commuting about 5km to another village by boat in the rainy season for higher education. Besides donating school building, we have also provided pupils of Titangeuy Primary School with studying materials, clothes, shoes, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, and periodical medical check-up. For teachers, we have provided them with additional pay of 100% on top of their government salary to encourage them to teach full day so that children can have more times in the classrooms. By late 2010 we have contributed about USD 200,000 to the community development projects in this village.

To ensure the effectiveness of the program, we have set up a monitoring team to work with all stakeholders including parents, teachers, school principal, local authority, and the office of education in the commune, the district , and the province. Recognizing the importance of parents’ participation in the program, the team also works closely with parents to encourage them to send their children to school on time, to teach their children at night, and to maintain all the achievements for the sake of the community. Furthermore, for the children who finish primary education at Titangeuy Primary School and continue their secondary education in other school, the monitoring team still assists them to have extra classes. Besides children education, we constantly provide guidance to people in this community to make their living in a sustainable way.

The objective of this program is to deliver lasting benefits for people in this village in the long run through the educational support and development of the village children in their early stage of education. Since the commencement of the program in 2006, we have observed the satisfactory results from the initiatives. We hope that more such programs will be introduced and implemented at other schools across the country, especially in remote rural areas where access to education is very difficult and limited.

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